baby+MOm Fit

Norma La vecchia

creator - norma La Vecchia

In class there is no jumping or floor work. If you need to stop to change a diaper or feed yor little problem. the idea is that you feel comfortable to workout and stop when you need to. If your doctor gives you the ok to workout then we will see you at our next class.  

How many moms/babies in each class? - 5 to 6 moms (and their babies). Class capacity is 10 moms. this ensures there is always plenty of room for everyone and their strollers. YES! Moms are allowed to bring strollers into class for convenience. DON'T FORGET TO BRING YOUR CARRIERS!


$25 drop in ( 1ST CLASS IS FREE)

$112.50 for 5

$200 for 10

​$380 for 20

Email to sign up for a class:

Norma La Vecchia is a certified personal trainer through AFAA, group trainer, trained in prenatal and postnatal fitness, certified in kickboxing and cycling.

Beyond her impressive credentials Norma is a MOM. She noticied that as her clients were having children, they would struggle with finding the time to get to the gym - just as she did.  To change that cycle, Norma created a 1 hour class that accommodates MOM + BABY!